Be a part of it

On December 3rd, we invite everyone to join persons with disabilities around the world to celebrate what unites us all: being part of human diversity.

The time is ripe for persons with disability to be fully included in society. And the world is listening: on December 3rd last year, the #aday4all hashtag became the most popular across the internet, thanks to the countless people who shared stories, videos, information, photos or personal reflections about embracing disabilities as part of human diversity.

This year, let’s keep growing the movement. Every day there are more people around the world embracing diversity. This is not only a matter of rights, but also about understanding diversity as one of our biggest assets. In order to unleash our social potential, we must leave behind fears and historical negative perceptions towards disabilities, and welcome instead a culture of inclusion. 

All around the world, persons with disabilities will be celebrating this day. Join us, and tell us how are you going to celebrate it.

•| How you can be involved: 

Embracing diversity may be expressed differently by each one of us. While for some it comes as words or ways of behaving, for others it is a cause to fight for. In every case, it implies a change in the way we relate to one another, which make our communities more inclusive. These are 4 simple steps to participate in this initiative:


 1. Explore how others are changing their communities by making them more inclusive. Here are some examples

2-create2. Create: Take a picture, record a video, share a blog post or website–or write your own article about an experience that is changing communities by making them more inclusive.


3. Share it: You can send it to us to post on the aday4all Facebook page or on this blog, by using the form below. Or post it on your own social media pages, but don’t forget to include the hashtag #aday4all! Here are two examples:

Attention: If you are going to share photos or videos depicting someone, make sure that you have informed the person, and you have permission to share their image. Click here for some basic guidelines on social media posting etiquette.


Embrace: Follow the hashtag, and appreciate how human diversity looks, sounds and feels!

Share your experience of embracing diversity: