Day4All voices

Aimee Mullins and the problem solvers of tomorrow:

fb_banner-aimee_thumbActress Aimee Mullins reminds us that the problem-solvers of the world will be those that think differently and are different. In her Day4All message, she says that we are wasting opportunities to improve our societies by excluding persons with disabilities. Watch her message

RJ Mitte turns Disability into something unique:

rjmitte_thumbBreaking Bad actor, R.J Mitte, urges people to have a positive perspective on disability. In a video message for the International Labour Organization, to mark International Day for Persons with Disabilities, Mitte says disability can be an opportunity to learn and grow. Watch his message

Pablo Pineda: Author, actor, writer and educator:

pablo-pineda_thumbSpanish actor, teacher and author Pablo Pineda is a leading voice in the labour integration of people with a disability, representing millions of people that nowadays are facing obstacles to find a job. Down syndrome never has stopped him to achieve many professionals and personal successes. Awarded Best actor at the San Sebastian Film Festival in 2009 for his role in the movie Yo Tambien, Mr. Pineda is the first European with Down Syndrome with a University Degree in Education. Watch his message

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